Rock and Roll Daycare
is the leader in
Music Based Childcare

"I love the different approach to learning, supporting the freedom in my teachers
and the children when utilizing that curriculum, and the sense of community."

Tasha Lonsdale
Rock and Roll Daycare
Operator since 2019.

The Pioneer in Music Base Childcare since 2012

The unique value proposition of Rock and Roll Daycare provides working parents with a premium learning experience for their children. Music learning has been cited in numerous scientific studies, such as a study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong which has found that children who undergo musical training have a better recall of words than those who have none. With short term memory being a boon to success in school, consistent engagement with music in an early childhood environment provides children with the tools to excel in the continuance of their education.

The proprietary Rock and Roll Education Method is a combination of music, academic, and cultural teaching strategies and resources which define the learning environment at Rock and Roll Daycare.

At Rock and Roll Daycare children will be immersed in diverse musical learning from infancy through age six, learning through carefully developed Fiddlefox curriculum (a sister company with Rock and Roll Daycare). Whether plucking a Japanese song on a violin string for the first time, dancing to the rhythms and melodies of a Peruvian song, singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in Italian language, or premiering African beats in a drum solo for an audience of their peers, our students spend a significant portion of every day honing their musical skills through a combination of specialist-led instruction and independent music play

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Proprietary Curriculum

Our Fiddlefox curriculum engages children academically, musically, and culturally in a way that nurtures global citizens and bridges the gap between the classroom and the living room.

Accreditation Support

Rock and Roll Daycare uses a Montessori accreditation program instead of a traditional childcare accreditation. Our Open Door Montessori accreditation also provides weekly assistance to each school through ongoing trainings and in classroom support.

Luxury Branding

Rock and Roll Daycare parents recognize that the value of an intimate school environment, comprehensive childcare, and premium educational services is worth the price tag.

We build support systems that ensure every school can succeed.

In addition to running an operationally successful school, we undersatnd the importance of getting the message out to your community. That's why we provide an aggressive marketing program which includes:

  • Online chatbots to engage leads
  • Regional PPC campaigns
  • Tours and sales process trainings
  • Consolidated online communication platform for messaging leads
  • Dedicated marketing and sales support team
  • Unique school web pages
  • Online advertising support
  • Grand opening plan
  • Pre Enrollment strategy
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) system for tracking a nurturing sales
  • Automated email follow-up systems

Rock and Roll Daycare compared to
other Educational Childcare Centers

Rock and Roll Daycare is targeting middle to high income, 2-working parent families, within local target markets.

The “boutique” storefront concept keeps Rock and Roll Daycare small, and builds community within our schools and neighborhoods.

Research has showed the importance of location and curriculum on buyer decisions. Therefore, this smaller school model allows Rock and Roll Daycare to offer multiple programs within a single territory or neighborhood, providing added levels of convenience to families who place a priority on location.

With music everyday as the calling card at Rock and Roll Daycare, our program goes “above the rest” to ensure that children are engaged in the beauty and wonder of music. The consistent study of music has been shown to result in improvements in speech development, spatial reasoning, as well as greater knowledge retention which is one of the core competencies which result in school success later on in life.

Our premium, comprehensive service provides parents with excellence in childcare, minus the concerns of remembering to pack a lunch or bring the diapers.

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