Email Addresses

To add or delete a corporate email address for members of your team, complete the following email address form. Allow up to 7 days for the account to be either created and or deleted. Please note that billing for all active emails takes place on the 1st day of each month and is not pro-rated.

Design Request/Review Form

To request a Rock and Roll Daycare design template, complete the following design request form. Requests must be limited to graphic design templates for materials pertaining to marketing , forms, or policy documents. Custom documents for your center will not be provided. Allow up to 10 days for the design to be completed.

All branded materials must be reviewed by a member of the Franchise Support Team prior to use. To submit for a review of any graphic design, complete the following design review form. Allow up to 5 days for the design to be reviewed and any comments provided.

For Additional Support

Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. Support emails should be submitted exclusively by Franchise Owner and members of Administrative Staff.

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Startup, Operations, and Music –

Curriculum and Quality Assurance –