With 5 million children in daycare, it’s a $56 billion industry.​

We’ve been setting the standard for music based childcare since 2012.

Our boutique model serves high density, upper income urban areas.

The adventure of opening your own school is laid out for you.

Rock and Roll Daycare children enjoy our unique and award winning music and culture curriculum

Seven years ago we changed the rules of the game when we created music-based childcare. Now you have the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives.

Daycare has never sounded so good

We are leaders in Music-based Childcare. Discover why.

premium childcare

At Rock and Roll Daycare we’ve spent the last seven years drawing from the Montessori philosophy and developing strategies to make music fun and intuitive for young children.

We represent excellence, fun and authenticity in the childcare industry.

music and culture

Countless research studies have stressed the importance that early childhood music-making has on the developing body and brain.

We weave a musical experience into the lesson every day, and teach children about the music and culture of countries from all around the world.

award-winning system

Young children thrive in environments where they can explore, improvise, and concentrate with hands-on music play.

We provide a premium learning experience that combines our music and culture curriculum with Montessori-based education. Our award-winning program sets us apart!


Rock and Roll Daycare franchise owners transform the lives of children.

Tanya Nalen

Rock and Roll Daycare Operator since 2017

I love our amazing sense of community.

Nayra Lopez

Rock and Roll Daycare Operator since 2018

I love the different approach to learning, and the motivation we instill in the children.

Shelly Kerr

Rock and Roll Daycare Operator since 2019

My favorite part is how our administrative team works together and builds a better foundation for the company.

We’re here for you

If you want to reach financial freedom, work at your own pace and make a difference in your community, we’ve got your back: we’re giving you training and support along the way.

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